Preventing erosion of San Gabriel River levee

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has prepared a draft environmental assessment for the the San Gabriel River and San Jose Creek Confluence Vegetation and Sediment Removal project, within the County of Los Angeles.


To prevent further erosion of the San Gabriel River 2b levee and prevent potential failure, the proposed project will consist of removing approximately 127,000 cubic yards of accumulated excess sediment and 11.2 acres of vegetation as part of the operation and maintenance of the channel.

The channel in this reach is trapezoidal and comprised of concrete/grouted stone with an earthen invert.

Sediment will be excavated to the design elevation of the channel invert across the entire width of the channel between the San Gabriel River/San Jose Creek confluence and the Pomona Freeway (SR60).

The maintenance footprint is approximately 17.8 acres. The depth of the sediment ranges from 3 to 10 feet.

No alterations or modifications of structural elements of the engineered channel will occur, said USACE.

Work will begin October 2021.