Celebrating 10 Years of the Sand Motor

In 2011 the Dutch government started a pilot project named the Sand Motor. An artificial sandbank, a significant boost for innovative coastline maintenance and a perfect example of Building with Nature.


The Sand Motor is a peninsula in front of the Delfland coast that was constructed by depositing 21.5 million cubic meters (gross) of dredged sand. This is much more than would be needed for ‘normal’ replenishment.

At the beginning it was expected that the Sand Motor would have a lifespan of 20 years, but now experts know that it will be much longer.

Under the influence of waves, sea currents and the wind, sand moves from the Sand Motor along the coast, both towards the north and the south.

Thanks to this, the Sand Motor has now grown into a beautiful nature reserve and recreational area. Its development is being closely followed and is receiving a great deal of international attention.

Ten years of research and special collaborations have resulted in an innovative way to maintain the coastal area, new possibilities for the surroundings and a wealth of knowledge.

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