CEDA: Registration opens for Dredging Days 2021

The Central Dredging Association (CEDA) has announced that Dredging Days 2021 programme is being finalised and registrations for CEDA’s flagship event are now open.

This year, CEDA Dredging Days will be a virtual event and the committee have pulled out all the stops to ensure that it remains the best use of two days for dredging professionals in the region.

According to CEDA, the Dredging Days 2021 will focus strongly on ‘Sustainable Dredging and Innovation – The science. The practice. The business’. The sessions will cover new technologies and the way the industry does business, all viewed through the lens of sustainable best practice.

The conference kicks off with a keynote session ‘The impact of the digital revolution on the dredging industry’. In the session, two bright minds, Bob de Wit, Professor of Strategic Leadership at Nyerode Business University, and Cees van Rhee, Professor of Dredging Engineering at Delft University of Technology, share their insights about how the world, and the dredging industry, will look in the future.

Over the two-day event, participants can expect to see sessions on topics including:

  • Developments in modelling and measuring hydraulic transport;
  • Innovations in dredging equipment and technology;
  • Fine sediment dynamics;
  • Building bridges between dredging and finance for sustainable projects;
  • Beneficial Sediment Use – overcoming costs, legislation and technical challenges towards sustainable development;
  • Assessing environmental turbidity limits;
  • Energy transition in the dredging industry – providing insights from national strategies and international reduction targets, and offering potential technical solutions;
  • A special Young CEDA session where CEOs will answer to the industry’s young professionals.

In addition to the high-quality technical papers and panel discussions, that participants expect, there will still be many of the popular sessions, including Young CEDA Rapid Fire and the presentation of the IADC Young Author’s Award.

In the last, highly interactive session of the conference, participants will explore and identify viable, actionable options for preparing their respective businesses for the turbulent transitions forecast in the opening session.

Full details of the conference programme, and registration details, can be found on the conference website.

Photo: CEDA