Napier Port’s 6 Wharf project in full swing

HEB Construction is making really nice progress with the 6 Wharf project at Napier Port, New Zealand.

The contractor is building the new multi-purpose wharf which will boost the port’s ability to handle much larger ships.

“It’s all go here for the hard working team at Napier Port with the first fender panels installed and we are hitting our construction targets,” said Dan Chisnall, HEB Project Manager, Napier 6 Wharf.

“To give you an idea of scale, 165m of deck has been poured, with over 220m to go. Progress has been good with 390 piles (97%) complete, about 9400m of piles installed to date, 2650 armour cubes have been placed and 3459 precast revetment blocks have been produced (76%) on site,” added Chisnall.

In order to build the 6 Wharf and welcome more and bigger ships, Napier Port also needs to create a new vessel turning area and deepen parts of the harbour using a dredge so ships can safely use the wharf.

Heron Construction and Dredging, the sub-contractor for this stage of works, are on track to finish the dredging in the second half of 2021.

When complete by late 2022, the new wharf will be long enough and the berth pocket deep enough to handle the largest ships the port expects will visit Hawke’s Bay in the next 30 years.

Photo: HEB Construction