Relong proves success in Xiaoqing River project

Shandong Provincial Government recently purchased an amphibious multifunctional dredger from Relong Technology Co., Ltd.


According to the Qingdao based marine company, this piece of equipment was used for dredging and excavating sediment from the Xiaoqing River estuary.

Relong photo

In the Huanghe (Yellow) River estuaries and nearby delta, there are many small sediment-affected estuaries with a unique morphology, such as the Xiaoqing River estuary. 

Sediment shoals have originated from huge amounts of sediment from the Huanghe River, with consequent deposition at the Xiaoqing River mouth.

Siltation takes place on the northern shoreline, near the river mouth, whereas erosion occurs in the south.

Relong photo

The project is an important step in preventing the flood events by improving the water ecological environment.