Design approved for the Southsea Castle

Southsea Coastal Scheme has just announced that the amended design for Frontage 4 (Southsea Castle) has been approved by Portsmouth City Council.

Southsea Coastal Scheme

The design now involves less rock being used for the sea defences, which is far better for the castle and tunnels and will require less piling to be undertaken.

It also includes a new promenade design featuring a 4m-wide upper promenade, four tiers and a 6m-wide lower promenade.

The Planning Committee approving the amended design agreed that this is a better approach both socially and aesthetically, and that the changes will contribute greatly toward making this area a ‘theatre of the sea’.

The Southsea Coastal Scheme is the UK’s largest local authority-led coastal defences project, worth more than £100M. It will stretch for 4.5km from Old Portsmouth to Eastney, and help to reduce the risk of flooding to more than 10,000 homes and 700 businesses. Phase one of six of the Southsea Coastal Scheme started in September 2020.