Creating islands in the Baltic Sea area

The Polish cities of Szczecin and Świnoujście are home to one the largest ports in the Baltic Sea area.

Van Oord

The port of Świnoujście is situated directly by the sea. Szczecin’s harbour is 68 kilometres inland and is accessible to moderately smaller vessels.

The channel that connects both port areas is currently being modernised by a joint-venture between Van Oord and DEME. This includes deepening and widening of the fairway along a section of approximately 62 kilometres from -10.5 to -12.5 metres.

Both Van Oord and DEME have deployed a variety of vessels for the upgrade of the fairway. In 2020, Van Oord’s newest trailing suction hopper dredger Vox Amalia and water injection vessel Jetsed joined forces on the Polish waterway.

Besides widening and deepening of the Świnoujście – Szczecin fairway, Van Oord and DEME Group vessels are also responsible for the creation of two huge circular shaped islands which will serve as nature reserves.

The two islands are gradually rising out of the water, with the outline of the northern island already complete and construction of the southern island fully underway.

With an emphasis on sustainability, the two islands are being made from dredged material from the fairway deepening. A smart and sustainable way to make good use of the dredged material.

Shore protection works on the islands, as well as the creation of marine and land habitats will start in the next few months.