Lake Ahémé dredging kicks off

Dredging operations are underway on Lake Ahémé in southwest Benin, Afrik 21 reports.

The project is led by the Beninese Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development, which recently announced the financing of 22 billion CFA francs (over 33.5 million euros) for this scheme.

Under the current cleanup program, mechanical equipment will be used to remove sand accumulated in Lake Ahémé.

The water body covers an area of 18 hectares and is fed by the Couffo River in southwest Benin, bordering Togo to the west.

The Beninese government said that they believe the project will add depth to Lake Ahémé, creating more space for fish, thus avoiding their disappearance due to lack of oxygen.

According to the Beninese Minister of Living Environment and Sustainable Development, José Didier Tonato, residents living around the lake have been waiting for the realization of this project for more than 50 years.

Photo: facebook