Unique digital platform AlViVi by Alewijnse

Alewijnse has developed a unique, future-proof digital platform that can replace most of the computer equipment on the bridge, thus saving space and money.

The company introduced this unique platform initially for use on trailing suction hopper dredgers. However, the solution can also be implemented on other vessel classes and industrial plants and brings numerous advantages. The first AlViVi systems have already been successfully installed on several dredging vessels.

The innovative virtualisation and visualisation (AlViVi) platform acts as a central hub, centralising and integrating all the process systems, and distributing the visualisation of the data to all networked screens on board.

Alewijnse is the first to achieve this and is the only company currently able to offer a fully digitalised platform to the maritime market.

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The platform is fast, user-friendly and extremely reliable, resulting in maximum uptime and optimal operational safety. By bringing together multiple systems in one environment, the maintenance and management becomes much easier and efficient.

Photo: Alewijnse