CGC to dredge Port Geographe Marina

CGC Dredging Company is about to begin maintenance dredging works at the entrance of the Port Geographe Marina, Western Australia.

According to the Department of Transport, dredging will commence this October and will proceed until approximately late February 2022.

“Dredging will mainly occur Monday to Friday between the hours of 7.00 am and 6.00 pm, with provision to take place during hours of darkness if required,” DoT announced.

The dredging will be done by CGC’s 22m cutter suction dredge ‘Cooper II’. The dredge is equipped with floating pipelines & submerged pipelines to a length of 1.2km and marked with orange buoys which will display rhythmic flashing lights.

DoT also added that the dredge has no self-propulsion and uses anchors and spuds to move. The ‘Cooper II’ and connected pipeline will remain in the area of operation after normal operating hours for the duration of the works.

The purpose of this dredging project is to maintain a design depth of -2.8m chart datum (CD) in the Port Geographe.