Dallas to select contractor for $25M Bachman Lake dredging project

Dallas City Council will tomorrow decide whether to approve a $25 million construction contract for the dredging of Bachman Lake.


The Bachman Dam and Spillway was built in 1901 to form Bachman Lake, a 205-acre lake located on the north side of Love Field Airport. The dredging is needed to help revitalize the lake, improve water quality and allow residents to enjoy the lake for years to come.

As reported by the city officials, work on the project started in 2016 when the council authorized a feasibility study that yielded three alternatives for Bachman Lake. A Task Force made up of City staff and council district appointed representatives evaluated the issues and alternatives and recommended to “Maintain the Lake.”

This recommendation was briefed to the Mobility Solutions, Infrastructure and Sustainability Committee on April 8, 2019, who voted to approve the recommendation.

Following this recommendation, Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) has completed engineering for dredging improvements at Bachman Lake. Dredging improvements were bid in June 2021 and construction award is scheduled for City Council consideration on October 27, 2021.

Construction award is recommended to the lowest responsible bidder, Renda Environmental, Inc. for $24,775,602.98. Funding will be provided by DWU with Park and Recreation contributing $4 million, to be paid back to DWU over the next 5 years.

If awarded this dredging project will begin this winter. It will take approximately 12 months for the contractor to remove around 370,000 cubic yards of accumulated sediment.

Dam and spillway improvements are also in the final design phase and planned for construction following the conclusion of the dredging work.