Securing the future of Adelaide’s coastline VIDEO

The first phase of a mass replenishment, aimed to ensure that large volumes of sand are delivered to West Beach before the end of 2021, is underway.

Department for Environment and Water

Adelaide’s coastline is one connected system, but some of the beaches are experiencing significant erosion. The sand along Adelaide’s coast naturally moves northward, by the wind and waves.

To secure the future of the coastline, the state government has committed $48.4 million to:

• Construct a sand recycling pipeline from Semaphore to West Beach to move sand from beaches where it builds up;

• Deliver a large quantity of sand to West Beach from outside of Adelaide’s beach system;

• Restore sand dunes using best practice techniques and native plants in partnership with local councils and coastal community groups.

Until the new sand pumping pipeline becomes operational in 2023, periodic movement of sand from the northern beaches to West Beach may be required.

This footage was captured between August and October 2021.

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