DAMEN CSD500 hits the water in Paraguay

New Damen cutter suction dredger CSD500 was successfully launched this week near the capital of Paraguay, Asunción.

Damen photo

The dredger was shipped fully disassembled. It sailed from Antwerp to Montevideo, Uruguay, before transferred to a river barge and transported up the Paraguay River.

Damen photo

The modular dredger can be shipped in container-sized elements, with a separate container for dismounted components, said Damen.

The dredger is named “DA 03” and will work on the Asunción Costanera Sur project for T&C (Ingeniería de Topografía y Caminos S.A).

Under the program, T&C – a civil contractor in Paraguay – will use the dredger to transform the southern river bank of the capital Asunción.

Photo: Damen