Afsluitdijk reinforcement project in full swing, Van Oord says

The Afsluitdijk reinforcement project is in full swing on the Wadden Sea side and the work on the IJsselmeer side has also begun. Here too, large sections of the dyke need to be reinforced, said Van Oord in its latest project update.

“We carefully check the condition of the dyke. If the existing revetment is not meeting the standards, Quattroblocks are installed. Because of the very limited space on the IJsselmeer side, we can only work on the dyke from the water or from the motorway,” said Van Oord.

Van Oord photo

Dutch public works agency Rijkswaterstaat commissioned the major reinforcement of the Afsluitdijk. 

Van Oord is doing its part as a member of the Levvel project consortium.

Photo: Van Oord