Committee to release bids for Saint-Petersburg dredging

In 2022, Saint-Petersburg Committee of Natural Resources, Environment and Ecological Safety will announce tenders worth approximately $13 million for dredging and cleaning of the city waterways, reports PortNews agency.


The major projects of 2022 will include the beginning of ecological restoration of the Novaya River, further activities on bottom cleaning of the Karpovka and Glukharka rivers, rehabilitation of the Nikolsky pond in Peterhoff as well as removal of floating litter from water bodies.

In 2022-2023, the federal budget will also finance the repair of hydraulic engineering facilities of the Kuzminskoye reservoir.

According to Mikhail Strakhov, Deputy Chairman of the Committee, technical specifications concerning bids for cleaning of Saint-Petersburg waterways require certain qualification, experience and production facilities from the potential contractors.

“Saint-Petersburg rivers and canals feature numerous underwater communication and utility networks which require creation of protection zones in case of proximity works. Reduced impact methods are used in such zones. For example, a hydromonitor is used to jet-break deposits at the bottom. In sections with no underwater utility lines, bottom sediments are removed by a dredger or an excavator”, Mikhail Strakhov told IAA PortNews.

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