Damen CSD500 busy on Costanera Sur project

Damen’s new cutter suction dredger CSD500 is currently very busy working on the Costanera Sur project in Paraguay.

Mundo Fluvial y Marítimo Py

Under the work, T&C, a civil contractor in Paraguay, will use the dredger to transform the southern river bank of the capital Asunción.

Mundo Fluvial y Marítimo Py photo

According to Damen, the modular dredger will increase sand production, required to meet the program deadline.

The project has a sharp deadline; all sand relocation works, including dredging, have to be finished within two years. In total 9 million m3 of sand will have to be dredged.

The total scheme will last five years.

Mundo Fluvial y Marítimo Py photo

The dredger was shipped fully disassembled. It sailed from Antwerp to Montevideo, Uruguay, before transferred to a river barge and transported up the Paraguay River.