Tug reconfigured into Water Injection Dredger

Vedam Design, a company offering engineering and technical consulting services to the marine and offshore industry, recently completed a stunning conversion of a FiFi Tug into a Water Injection Dredger.


Overall the project involved conversion plan dealing with technical solutions and coordinating with administrative authorities for approval of the plans and changing the class notation.

Vedam conceptualized the whole engineering process including removal of existing systems and equipment belonging to redundant system and then planning to install equipment associated with dredging operation, the company said.

The equipment package included injection pumps with two new gear boxes, injection ladder, A-frame to support the injection ladder with their associate systems and riggings.

Basic design followed the concept stage and plans were prepared after exhaustive calculations involving structural strength assessment, stability and statutory requirements complying to administrative authorities and class.

Also, 3D scanning of the vessel was done to create digital mock-up which was used for 3D modelling to route the pipes and locate the equipment.

Finally, the plans were approved by the class and submitted to client for conversion of the vessel at their own ship repair facility.