Meet DB Avalon – the largest clamshell dredge in North America

DB Avalon, the largest clamshell dredge in North America, is coming, said Curtin Maritime in their latest announcement.


  • 198,000lb Rock bucket,
  • Automated dredging software,
  • Tier 4 Diesel-electric hybrid,
  • four spuds-2 walking.
Curtin photo

Curtin Maritime is American-owned and operated marine solutions company, involved in providing a range of maritime services from marine transportation to construction.

“Our Tier III compliant dredging fleet is responsible for the removal of millions of yards of material and counting. With both mechanical and hydraulic dredging capabilities, and the tug support to dump at both offshore and shallow draft sites, we have provided solutions for every size and scope of dredging projects,” said Curtin.

Photo: Curtin