MultiCat1004 dredge helper arrives at Damen Dredging yard

Between the heavy storms, a newcomer arrived at Damen Dredging yard – a MultiCat1004 dredge helper.


“This dedicated work boat is the ideal combination with a cutter suction dredger during dredging projects,” Damen said.

The single propelled MultiCat1004 is designed to operate in restricted waters and harbours. This versatile, multipurpose vessel is mainly deployed in an assisting role.

Damen photo



  • Length – 10.9m
  • Beam – 4.5m
  • Draught Max. – 1.3 m


  • Bollard pull – 2t
  • Speed – 7kn

The Damen Multi Cats are standard, multi-purpose work vessels. These compact vessels can tackle an exceptionally wide range of tasks. The design includes an ergonomic wheelhouse providing 360 degrees visibility.

All communication and navigation equipment is within direct reach of the operator.