Scheepswerf Bijlsma launches new Water Injection Dredger

This afternoon the new Water Injection Dredger ‘Aquadelta’ hit the water at Scheepswerf Bijlsma in Wartena, The Netherlands.

The ‘Aquadelta’ is a diesel-electric twin propelled WID which was developed by Conoship International in close cooperation with Bagger- en Aannemingsmaatschappij Van der Kamp B.V.

This dredger is intended to inject large volumes of water into the waterbed, fluidizing the sediment so that it can flow naturally to other deeper areas.

Scheepswerf Bijlsma is a family-owned shipbuilding business, offering products to customers all over the world. The shipyard has been in the family since 1880 and is able to launch ships up to 40 meters. Their vessels are employable for various activities such as waterway marking, fishery, wind farms, offshore and dredging.

Photo: Scheepswerf Bijlsma/Conoship