Edwards announces $150M in surplus funding for coastal projects

Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards joined the Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) and USACE yesterday in announcing his proposal to allocate $150 million in surplus funding toward coastal restoration and protection projects.


“At this moment, we are reaping the rewards of over a decade and a half of planning and implementation efforts,” said Edwards. “We have invested in the science and directed every available dollar toward projects that deliver real benefits to our people.”

Fifteen coastal projects will receive surplus funding, including $84.5 million allocated to restoration efforts and $65 million toward hurricane and flood protection projects across 13 parishes.

“This is a pivotal moment for the coastal program. Our 2023 Annual Plan is the largest in CPRA history, with over a billion dollars allocated for construction and major investments in hurricane protection, sediment diversions, and 23 dredging projects across our coast,” said CPRA Chairman Chip Kline.

Projects include:

  • $2 million toward funding the Atchafalaya Basin Program for enhanced recreational opportunities and environmental restoration efforts
  • $8 million in funding for the Cameron Gulf Shoreline Protection project in Cameron Parish
  • $11 million for construction of the Grand Bayou Ridge Restoration & Canal Backfilling project in Plaquemines Parish
  • $6.5 million toward funding breakwaters in Grand Isle in Jefferson Parish
  • $12 for construction of the LaBranche Shoreline Protection project in St. Charles Parish
  • $30 million for construction of the Pailet and Crown Point Basin polders of the Lafitte Tidal Protectionproject in Jefferson Parish
  • $200,000 to complete exhibit area buildouts in the LSU Center for River Studies in Baton Rouge
  • $10 million toward funding the Montz Pump Station in St. Charles Parish
  • $10 million toward funding improvements to the Morganza to the Gulf Hurricane Protection System in Lafourche and Terrebonne parishes 
  • $38 million for design and construction of the Northwest Little Lake Marsh Creation: Increment 2 in Lafourche Parish 
  • $2 million to leverage funds provided by partners to implement Restoration Partnership projects coast wide
  • $10 million toward the Southwest Coastal Project in Cameron, Calcasieu, and Vermilion parishes
  • $5 million toward construction of the Ted Gisclair Lock Structure in Lafourche Parish
  • $5 million toward Vermilion Parish Projects, including funding for shoreline protection and ridge restoration projects at Cheniere au Tigre and for an increment of the North Vermilion Bay Shoreline Protection Project.