Brennan expands on the West Coast

J.F. Brennan Company has announced acquisition of California-based Harbor Offshore, Inc (HOI) specialized in commercial diving, marine construction, maritime security barriers, and submarine cable installation.


According to Brennan, this acquisition will bring additional expertise to the company and expand Brennan’s operations geographically. With the addition of licensing along the West Coast, Hawaii, and Alaska, Brennan is now operable in all 50 states.

“This acquisition opens new geographies, positioning us to better deliver our brand of work to clients and partners. It also adds new skill sets to our team, preparing us to take on and deliver high-demand work for the decades ahead,” commented Brennan President and CEO Matt Binsfeld.

“The addition of HOI builds on the incredible team and talents of everyone here at Brennan—bringing in like-minded professionals who equally value safe work that’s executed in a high-quality manner and performed efficiently,” added Binsfeld.

Due to the merits of HOI’s personnel and its strong relationships with clients, Harbor Offshore, Inc operated successfully for 25 years. Combining HOI’s abilities with Brennan’s existing services will prove valuable to the future of marine-based infrastructure throughout the country.

“HOI is pleased to become part of a company with a similar culture that embraces the importance of its employees. With the added strengths and capabilities of Brennan, we look forward to introducing the new team to our valued clients,” concluded HOI President Jeff Terai.