CPRA announces passage of 2023 Annual Plan

The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) has announced the Louisiana Legislature’s unanimous approval of the Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Plan.


The plan outlines a $1.35 billion investment toward 142 active projects across South Louisiana.

“The passage of the Fiscal Year 2023 Annual Plan marks the largest investment in the history of the state’s coastal program. With 81% of funding going directly toward construction, we’re reinforcing our commitment to making real and meaningful progress across our coast. The projects we’re constructing today will benefit Louisianans for generations to come,” said CPRA Chairman Chip Kline.

The FY 2023 Annual Plan includes:

  • 92.4% of total expenditures will go toward project construction, implementation, and maintenance.
  • Of the 142 active projects, 92 are in construction totaling $1.1 billion, 41 are in Engineering & Design totaling more than $75 million, and 9 are in planning totaling $13.5 million.
  • CPRA has 15 active projects in Southwest Louisiana, 39 active projects in South Central Louisiana, and 88 projects in Southeast Louisiana.
  • 23 dredging projects are slated for construction, using almost 87 million cubic yard of sediment to create or nourish more than 16,000 acres of coastal wetlands.

“We are thrilled to see the unanimous passage of the 2023 Annual Plan,” said CPRA Executive Director Bren Haase. “It’s clear the restoration of our coast is a priority statewide, and we remain dedicated to ensuring a sustainable coast for the millions of people that call South Louisiana home.”

To learn more about the plan, visit ap23.coastal.la.gov.