Congressman Pallone announces Shoal Harbor dredging project

New York Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. announced a new dredging project of the Shoal Harbor navigation channel yesterday.

The funding will be used for maintenance dredging of approximately 160,000 cubic yards in the channel. Pallone secured $8 million for the project in a federal spending bill that was signed into law earlier this year.

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers estimates that 8,700 trips are made in the channel annually.

“Our waterways are critical to our state’s commercial fishing and recreation industries, and this dredging will help ensure the waterway is safe and accessible for the Belford Fishing Co-Op and the commuter ferry,” said Pallone. “At a time when our state’s economy is recovering from the COVID-19 pandemic, this dredging will go a long way to help these industries thrive.”

“Any time that we can improve the quality of life for our residents while also driving economic development, is a win in my book,” said Monmouth County Commissioner Director Thomas A. Arnone. “Monmouth County has always shown complete support for dredging projects, such as this, that enhance recreation and provide resources for the fishing industry. It is our hope that this project will also benefit many local small businesses, many of whom are still recovering financially from the pandemic.”

“We need the waters to be open and navigable to do our job. This project will help our boats get where they need to be. The pandemic hit New Jersey’s fishing industry hard, so the dredging project will help keep us operational,” added Captain Richard Isaksen, President of the Belford Seafood Cooperative