Mandurah dredging and sand bypassing works

After another successful sand bypassing effort at Dawesville, the Department of Transport WA has started excavating and pumping sand from Halls Head Beach to widen Town Beach for the summer and enhance navigation at Mandurah Ocean Entrance.

Transport WA

To ensure safe navigation of the channel and maintain the beaches to the north, each year sand is pumped to the other side of the Mandurah Ocean Entrance Channel, continuing the natural flow of sand along the coast.

The current bypassing target for Mandurah is 100,000 cubic metres per year which is moved between June and November.

Last year, Transport WA moved a record amount of sand under the campaign to provide safe navigation at Mandurah Ocean Entrance and to widen Town Beach.

Approximately 220,000 cubic metres of sand was excavated in 2021 from Halls Head Beach and pumped eastward on to nearby Town Beach during the five-month project which is essential to maintain the entrance channel.