Van Oord to strengthen the Dutch Lekdijk

Van Oord recently joined a partnership that will, over the coming years, strengthen the Dutch Lekdijk in an innovative, sustainable and efficient way.

Van Oord

Together with stakeholders, the Sterke Lekdijk project will make a positive impact on the water safety in The Netherlands.

Eddy Van Haastregt, Project Manager commented: “The Lekdijk project is part of the Dutch water protection programme. There is a big focus on innovation. The ambition is to not only reinforce the dike, but also to strengthen nature, recreation and our cultural heritage. A perfect project to show our ingenious character.”

Under the partnership, 55 kilometres of the Dutch Lekdijk will be reinforced over the next few years.

The project’s sheer scale and ambitious goals of De Stichtse Rijnlanden Water Board means innovation is crucial.

The Water Board therefore opted for the Innovation Partnership approach to tendering that involves close collaboration with three Innovation Partners, including Van Oord.

All three partners share the sustainability goal of reinforcing the dyke in a smart and emission-free manner.