Jenkins Marine dredging at Ashlett Sailing Club

Jenkins Marine has been busy lately dredging at Ashlett Sailing Club near Calshot, Southampton, to restore the waterways to previously maintained depths.

Jenkins Marine

The project calls for up to 2m depth of material to be removed, with disposal to Nab Tower spoil ground to the East of the Isle of Wight.

On site is the versatile, self-propelled, spud leg pontoon, Doreen Dorward with her large clear working deck area and a 50t long reach excavator equipped with the 3D RTK GPS positioning Prolec digital dredging system.

“She is perfect for near shore precision operations such as this. Also attending is our 300t, self-propelled, split hopper barge Nab, greatly assisted with the addition of her new 360 degree flush mounted bow thruster. This combination allows for an optimised, tried and tested dredge solution where access in and around marinas is limited,” said Jenkins Marine.

According to Jenkins, the water depth at the Ashlett Sailing Club is extremely shallow with a risk of drying out. Dredging work here is only possible on the end of the high seasonal tides. This makes the dredging operations very challenging with meticulous planning and monitoring needed.

There is approximately 4,000m3 of material to be removed here during the summer campaign.