West Grand Terre Restoration Project wraps up

The Louisiana Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA) yesterday announced the completion of the West Grand Terre Beach Nourishment and Stabilization project.


The project addressed shoreline erosion, decreased storm surge protection, and subsidence of the back barrier marshes to increase island longevity. 
“Since its creation, CPRA has restored over 60 miles of barrier islands and berms,” said CPRA Chairman Chip Kline.

“These projects are not only ecologically important, but are vital in providing better storm surge protection to those who call South Louisiana home. Those barrier islands that protect the southern flank of the degrading Barataria Basin, like West Grand Terre, keep over 1 million residents in Plaquemines, Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard, and St. Charles parishes safer.”
The $100 million effort restored approximately 251 acres of beach and dune and 147 acres of back-barrier marsh on the island. Additionally, rock revetments were constructed to protect the newly restored marsh from wave impacts and storm surge. 

West Grand Terre, located in Jefferson Parish immediately northeast of Grand Isle, extends 4 miles from Barataria Pass to Pass Abel. Nearly 4 million cubic yards of sediment were dredged to restore beach, dune and marsh habitat on the historic barrier island.

Local leaders joined in celebrating the completion of the large-scale restoration.