Envytech ready for dredging and dewatering works at Lake Malar

Envytech Solutions AB is gearing up for the dredging and dewatering project at Lake Malar (Mälaren) in Ekerö Municipality, Sweden.


As the dredging activity begins, the water from the removed soil will be collected and led to Envytech’s “big blue” treatment line.

There the company will handle everything from fines and super fines for a start, and will later establish a treatment train to be ready for PFOS, TBT and other various dissolved metals.

According to Envytech, the target criteria is low for all suspects as the treated water is to be released straight into the beautiful as well as important Lake Malar.

“The treatment train is as almost always an Envytech blue line with a two step mixing unit with automatic flow dependent adding of flocculation and precipitation chemicals, a lamella clarifier and a low cost, easy and smart sludge dewatering system,” the company said. “For contaminants we have vessels ready loaded with activated glass media, activated carbon and Ion exchange resin.”

On this project, Envytech will join hands and work together with NÄRLUNDA SCHAKT & TRANSPORT AB and Ekerö Municipality.