Muscatine dredging project kicks off

Dredging of the downriver boat launch area in Riverside Park, Muscatine, began Thursday, September 22, and the launch area is now closed for public use.

City of Muscatine

The upriver boat launch is available for public use, the City of Muscatine said.

Braun Excavating has begun removing mud and debris from the launch area with the piles of mud being placed on the ramp surface to dewater.

City of Muscatine photo

The pile of mud is scheduled to be hauled away next week depending on the length of time the dewatering process takes.

Once the dredging operation has been completed and the piles of mud and debris are hauled away, the Muscatine Fire Department will clean the boat launch area by washing the remaining mud back into the Mississippi River.

Dredging operations in the Muscatine Boat Harbor and Marina will begin next week, weather permitting.

The dredged material will be piped to the old Hawkeye Lumber site where the material will flow into one of several long and large bags where they will be allowed to settle and dewater.

Dredging of the Muscatine Boat Harbor and Marina will take at least two weeks to complete.