Petaluma River dredging kicks off today

Lind Marine is ready begin the next phase of the Petaluma River dredging project – removal of silt from the Turning Basin and renovation of the City docks and trails on the north end of the Basin.

Lind Marine

According to the City, the Turning Basin dredging operations will start later today, October 3, 2022 and will end no later than November 30, 2022.

“To accommodate the dredging vessels, the project will require closure of the D Street Bridge on weekdays October 3-7, October 10-14, and October 17-18. This closure affects vehicles, bicycles, and pedestrians, as the Bridge will stay in the raised position 24 hours/day during the closure dates,” the City said. “The Bridge will be open to vehicle traffic on weekends. Traffic will be rerouted to cross the river at Washington via Petaluma Blvd North (West side traffic) or Lakeville (East side traffic). Public transit will be rerouted and may experience delays.”

The project is happening because excessive silt in the Turning Basin has made it difficult, and sometimes impossible, for larger boats to sail or motor into this area of the River, whether as part of a day’s excursion for shopping and lunch in Petaluma or as part of one of the many water-based events such as the Holiday Lighted Boat Parade.

The dredging will improve watercraft access to the entire Turning Basin as well as provide better clearance for using the City’s docks. The project also sets the stage for replacement of the existing Eastside City dock, along Weller Street, with a new, safer dock and pilings.

For more information on the Turning Basin Dredging & Dock Restoration (2022), please click HERE.