Mavi Deniz delivers Amphibex to Bulgaria

Mavi Deniz, an Istanbul based company involved in oil spill response, weed and silt removal, dredging and ship building, has delivered an Amphibex amphibious machine to Bulgaria – with support of European Union Funding.

Mavi Deniz

The machine has excavator arms with different tools for harvesting aquatic weeds, weeds, bushes, etc.

Mavi Deniz photo

According to Mavi Deniz, it can cut, harvest and collect weeds, algae, digging, excavate, dredge and de-silt waterways with dredge pumps. The machine includes an oil skimmer tool to collect oil spills in shallow areas as well.

Also, it is equipped with piling and hammering tool for poles and breaks rocks.

Mavi Deniz photo

Amphibex can move easily on land and water and some hard access areas like beaches, ponds, lakes, lagoon, marshlands, wetlands, river and canals as well.