Adelaide beach management review

In April 2022 the South Australian Government announced that construction of a sand recycling pipeline between West Beach and Semaphore South would be halted.

Instead, a comprehensive review of all options available is being undertaken to ensure a long-term solution is found which puts community and the environment at the core.

A new Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) has been formed to oversee the Adelaide Beach Management review. This is the first step in an important journey to find sustainable solutions to coastal erosion along Adelaide’s Metropolitain Beaches.

The 12-month review is set to commence in early 2023, once the Advisory Panel has had the opportunity to make recommendations on who will carry out the scientific review.

The Panel’s responsibilities will include receiving and reviewing submissions from community members and groups, reviewing progress on, and the outcomes of, a comprehensive community engagement process and the findings of an independent scientific review.

Externally sourced sand will continue to be brought into West Beach while the review is completed.

Photo: Environment SA