Hopper dredger Idun R completes Riga dredging job

Rohde Nielsen has successfully completed a maintenance project in Riga Port in Latvia, for the client Riga Freeport Authority.

Rohde Nielsen

The work was divided into four sections with dredging depths varying between -9.5 and -16.5 meters.

Rohde Nielsen photo

Approximately 135.500 m3 of silty sand was dredged and placed at an approved offshore disposal site.

The hopper dredger Idun R and the tug Skinfaxe R started the work in October 2022 and completed the job on time in early December. 

The Idun R is a very efficient and versatile dredger that, considering the size, pushes all boundaries of performance.

According to Rohde Nielsen, the accuracy of positioning is ensured by having twin propellers installed, together with a bow thruster.