Van Oord creates resilient coastline in Eforie, Romania

Due to coastal erosion, the beaches at the popular seaside resort in the South-Eastern part of Romania, Eforie, are in drastic decline. Van Oord is now reinforcing approximately 6 kilometres of coastline, using the best and most sustainable solutions.

Van Oord
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Van Oord is responsible for both project design and construction.

The project started with an intensive and thorough design phase, including site inspections and physical model testing in a laboratory.

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Van Oord’s experts spent this period identifying and designing the best and most sustainable solution to protect Eforie’s coast for a minimum of 50 years. 

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After completing the project in Eforie, Van Oord will continue to work in the region.

In 2022, Van Oord was awarded three new contracts to reinforce the coast at the Romanian seaside resorts of Olimp, Jupiter-Neptun and Balta Mangalia-Venus-Aurora.

As in Eforie, Van Oord will design and construct new groynes and beaches over a length of 6 kilometres of coastline and undertake the further development of seagrass and bivalve habitats.