Dredging works underway at Bandy Creek (Esperance)

The Western Australia Department of Transport (DoT) has advised mariners that maintenance dredging works are underway at Bandy Creek Boat Harbour.

Photo courtesy of Imran Lambay/Maritime Constructions

The project, which commenced last week, will proceed until approximately late-August 2023.

According to DoT, dredging will mainly occur Monday to Sunday between the hours of 0700 and 1800hrs, with provision to take place overnight, if required.

During the works, approx. 60,000 cubic meters of sand and material will be dredged from the harbour. This will restore channel depths at the entrance to the harbour and reduce the sand trap adjacent to the eastern breakwater.

The dredged material will be pumped about one kilometer east to Castletown Beach to maintain the natural coastal processes interrupted by the breakwaters.

The works are being carried out by the 22m cutter suction dredge “Cooper II”, equipped with 400m of floating & submerged pipeline.