Massive dredging operations kick off in Cape Town

In an effort to reduce the risk of flooding for residents of the surrounding areas of Lower Silvermine Wetlands (LSW), a massive dredging work is about to begin, the City of Cape Town said.

City of Cape Town photo

The dredging operations will include areas from Main Road until the major wooden footbridge that runs between Hilton Road and Carlton Road.

According to the City, the dredging operations will be undertaken in order to remove silt and litter as well as the expansive reed beds, and create open water for the endangered Western Leopard Toad, as well as bird and fish species.

During the process, excavators remove accumulated sediment inside the river and place the dredged material towards the river banks.

The material is then lifted by means of a long boom excavator to stockpile it 10 m away from the banks and allow for dewatering for three weeks or more before the material can be carted away to the relevant disposal site.

“The LSW has been used as a reference location as to what urban waterways should look like – an interface between the environment, people and wellbeing,” said the City’s Acting Mayoral Committee Member for Water and Sanitation, Siseko Mbandezi.

Phase one of the project is expected to be completed by June 30, 2023.