Cowes Harbour dredging complete

Cowes Harbour Commission yesterday announced the successful completion of all dredging works in the harbour.

Photo courtesy of the East Cowes Marina

The 2023 dredging campaign commenced on Tuesday 21st February 2023 and continued all the way until April.

The project covered several sites, including the Town Quay (maintenance dredging), Kingston Boatyard (maintenance dredging) and East Cowes Marina (maintenance dredging).

According to CHC, the works were carried out by Jenkins Marine’s dredge barge Doreen Dorward and split hopper barges Nab and Needles.

Dredging operations, which removed over 10,000m3 of soil, first began at the Town Quay. Then the crews moved to the Kingston Boatyard, wrapping up the project at the East Cowes Marina.