The Indian Quay project in Gdynia includes dredging

The NDI group signed a contract for the reconstruction of the Indian Quay with the Port of Gdynia (Poland) in December 2022.

Photo courtesy of NDI

Approximately three months later, the works on the project are in full swing with about 70 percent of the project completed so far.

NDI’s main task is to reconstruct approximately 540 meters long Nabrzeża Indyjskiego (Indian Quay), which will be widened by 6 meters.

Overall, the project includes dismantling of the old wharf’s waterfront equipment, demolition of the reinforced concrete cap, reconstruction of the railway system, bottom reinforcements, and widening of the new quay wall.

Also under this project, dredging works will be carried out to a depth of 15.5 meters (approx. 80,000 m3 of material needs to be dredged). According to NDI, the site will first be cleared of unexploded ordnance and then deepened to 15.5m.

Reconstruction of the Indian Quay is not the only project that NDI is currently executing in the Port of Gdynia. Last July, the company started modernisation of the Dutch Quay, which is scheduled to be completed by the end of 2023.