Another successful job for Bell Amphibious Excavator

Bell Amphibious Excavator once again proved to be the right choice for dredging operations in challenging terrains that are not accessible by traditional dredgers.

Photo courtesy of Bell Dredging Pumps

Through their French dealer PAJOT Solutions de battage, Bell recently provided a 20-ton Bell Amphibious Excavator to enlarge and deepen a pond on a private property.

The BAE200 – equipped with a long reach arm and different types of buckets – successfully removed 11,000m³ of peat and mud in just 7 weeks. This allowed the basin to reach 1.5ha and gain a depth of 1m.

Also, the Bell BAE200 was used elsewhere in France, to dredge a cofferdam for a future pumping station. Within 8 weeks, almost 12,000m3 of sandy material was dredged away.

For this project, the BAE200 was equipped with spud poles and a GPS/RTK dredging system on which everything could be closely monitored.