Dredging at Clifton Springs boat harbour

The City of Greater Geelong (VIC) has announced that, starting this week, a maintenance dredging campaign will be undertaken at the Clifton Springs Harbour.

Photo courtesy of EIK Engineering

As reported, maintenance dredging works at the entrance to Clifton Springs Harbour will occur between 11-19 April 2023. The works are to be undertaken with the use of a long reach excavator.

Clifton Springs boat harbour is relatively shallow, particularly after storms when sand and seagrass are deposited in the area. Dredging is needed to clear the harbour channels near the entrance.

According to the city, at tide levels below 0.4 metres, it may be difficult for vessels with deeper drafts to enter or leave the harbour without grounding.

The City of Greater Geelong recently secured funding through the Recreational Boating Dredging and Access Grants for a 25-year dredging management plan for Clifton Springs harbour.

The new dredging plan will ensure the facility’s long-term viability and reduce the required frequency of maintenance dredging, which has been undertaken in recent years using an excavator.