Gloucester dredging project enters final phase

The latest phase of dredging is taking place at Gloucester Docks, according to the The Canal & River Trust.

Photo courtesy of Canal & River Trust

Land & Water Group Ltd. are dredging in the basin and taking dredged material to a lagoon field near Rea Bridge where the silt will be stored temporarily before being spread at a different location for agricultural use.

The biggest ever programme of dredging at Gloucester’s historic docks kicked off last November. At the beginning a Bell dredging pump was used to suction-dredge the sand and sediment from the River Severn.

Later, the technique was changed due to the migrating fish and now the contractor is dredging the area with a long reach excavator.

Photo courtesy of Canal & River Trust

In total, the Trust will remove approx. 15,000 cubic metres of silt from the docks, restoring the water depth to the targeted 3.5m.