Adelaide beach management review

The Adelaide Beach Management Review is well underway following the appointment of community engagement specialists URPS, the company responsible for community engagement supported by DEW’s project manager Chris Newby.

Photo courtesy of the Environment SA

Coastal science and engineering specialists Bluecoast Consulting Engineers will be completing the independent scientific review.

It is very important to the success of the review that it is informed by an understanding of what matters most to the community about the coastline and the community’s views on the different sand management approaches.

A survey on why the coast is important and the draft list of approaches is now open until 5pm 9 June 2023 at

This is the first of two key stages in the review process at which community and stakeholders can provide input.

  • Stage 1: Seeking input about what outcomes and values are important to the community for how sand is managed on beaches, and to add any new approaches to an established draft list to be assessed by Bluecoast.
  • Stage 2: Seeking community and stakeholder feedback on the shortlisted sand management approaches.

URPS will lead these engagement processes and prepare a report of the results of each stage of engagement. Reports will be made available on the DEW webpage and provided to the Independent Advisory Panel (IAP) for review.

For further information please visit: Adelaide Beach Management Review