Arrowhead Cove pilot dredging project on the table

Arrowhead Cove, at Deep Creek Lake, has been selected as a priority area for a pilot dredging project, Garrett County Chamber of Commerce said.

Garrett County Chamber of Commerce photo

The project will involve the removal of accumulated sediment from the lakebed, revitalizing the waterbody, providing greater boater access, and preserving its ecological integrity.

In this pilot dredging project, Garrett County, the State of Maryland, property owners, and stakeholders will evaluate the pros and cons of dredging within Deep Creek Lake and determine if dredging other sediment-impacted Deep Creek Lake coves is a viable and cost-effective strategy for improving water recreation, water quality, and fish habitat.

The State of Maryland has provided all the funding for the project costs thanks in part to the efforts of former Senator George Edwards and former Delegate Wendell Beitzel.

A request for bids has been released and construction is anticipated to begin in late September 2023.

A public meeting will be held to share the analysis, timeline, and details of the project on Wednesday, May 24, at Garrett College GIEC, beginning at 6pm.