Cedar Lake dredging starting next week

Dredge America, Inc. of Kansas City, Missouri, is starting work on the $5.9 million Cedar Lake dredging project.

Dredge America

According to the Town officials, the contractor will be transporting additional fused pipeline (9am – 12pm today) from South Shore Country Club parking lot into the lake to connect onto the south end up to Pine Crest Marina.

“The remainder of the day the crews will be working on installing the two pipe crossings on the south end of the lake between the booster pump in the middle of the lake and the south end,” the Town said in the update.

The next day, Thursday May 25th, dredge boat will be delivered to Pine Crest Marina and dropped into the water with a crane. Additional land and water activities to set up will also take place.

On Friday, May 26, the contractor will continue with minor land and water setup operations. Remaining buoys, buoy lights, and barge lights will be installed by the end of the day.

Over the Memorial Day Weekend, Dredge America is planning to have a few crew members in town keeping an eye on equipment and boating traffic to make sure things are looking good and are safe. They do not plan to be doing too much work in the water as boating traffic is expected to be very busy.