DEME’s TSHD Nile River working in Port-La Nouvelle

DEME Group’s trailing suction hopper dredger Nile River has been busy lately in Port-La Nouvelle undertaking a dredging campaign to deepen the entrance of the future port.

Photo courtesy of DEME

There, the company is carrying out dredging and infrastructure works for the port extension, enhancing the accessibility and enabling Port-La Nouvelle to accommodate larger vessels.

The first quay walls are under construction and expected to be delivered to by end-2024.

Port-La Nouvelle is the first French port to be jointly managed by the public sector and private companies, including DEME Concessions. The project represents the largest port investment undertaken in France since “Port 2000” in Le Havre.

This concession aligns perfectly with DEME’s ambitious sustainability goals, as the port aims to become a strategic hub for the offshore and floating wind industry.