MIW delivers second Watermaster amphibious dredger

Environmentally friendly dredging is just one of the concrete results to come from Finland’s partnership with a Michigan company called Moran Iron Works (MIW).

Photo courtesy of Watermaster

MIW and Watermaster North America recently partnered to manufacture a second Finnish-engineered dredging machine for a costumer in Minnesota.

The Watermaster AMD 5000 is designed to perform maritime construction and dredging projects in waters up to 20 feet deep. The machine has been sold worldwide for thirty years but not in the U.S.A. due to an import policy called the Jones Act.

Because the AMD 5000 dredger is now made in the U.S. thanks to the partnership of Moran Iron Works and Ann Arbor-based Watermaster North America, it is a fully Jones Act-compliant vessel available for purchase throughout the country.

The first U.S. produced Watermaster dredger, delivered in 2021, is being used to break up ice in the canals of New York state.