University Lakes phase 1 focuses on dredging

The first phase of the University Lakes Project in Baton Rouge is now officially underway.

Gov. John Bel Edwards facebook photo

Officials gathered for a news conference on Tuesday, August 8, to reveal the updated plans for Phase 1.

“And this is not a small deal. All in we’ve got $65 million dollars lined up for this project,” said Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards.

Phase 1 of construction will focus on dredging City Park Lake and Lake Erie, along with building that new bridge on May Street to connect two different lakes.

Gov. John Bel Edwards facebook photo

The project is set to increase the storm-water capacity and reduce the risk of flooding for folks who live near there, by making the lakes deeper so they’re able to hold more water.

Engineers will also create what’s being called ‘living shorelines’ for native wildlife to thrive.