USACE to increase beneficial use of dredged sediment to 70% by 2030

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers regularly performs maintenance dredging of federal shipping channels throughout the nation to provide ease of navigation and safe passage to larger vessels that utilize the waterways carrying products vital to the economy.

Photo courtesy of USACE

Over 200 million cubic yards of material is dredged annually from the bottom of federally-constructed and maintained navigation channels to maintain safe passage in navigation channels for vessels.

Overall, about 10-15% of dredged material requires special handling, while the remaining 85% is available for beneficial use. Of this available sediment, approximately 30-35% is currently used beneficially to deliver environmental, economic, and social benefits.

Using dredged sediment beneficially is an important component of USACE’s dredged material management strategy, significantly reducing disposal requirements. With interest in beneficial use of dredged sediments at an all-time high, the timing is ripe to increase beneficial use.

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