Ettalong Channel dredging update

Following damage caused to the dredge Faucon during the Ettalong dredging campaign (NSW), another dredge will be sent to the area to finish the work, Faucon’s sister ship – Port Frederick.

Photo courtesy of Liesl Tesch MP

“Faucon is on its way back to her home on the Gold Coast, where crew will have a quick turnaround and then return with a new and improved dredge,” said Liesl Tesch, Member for Gosford.

During Faucon’s time in the Ettalong Channel, the dredge was able to widen the channel, allowing the arrival of Port Frederick, a faster, more effective trailing suction hopper dredge, which will be back in the Channel in the coming days.

This dredge was unable to be used in the first instance as it requires a wider channel than was previously present until Faucon’s work commenced.

According to Tesch, despite the interruption to dredging caused by Faucon’s malfunction, the replacement dredge will be able to complete in one day the work that Faucon was able to complete in 2.5 days.